ART#ARTE #Galería#Gallery# Eric Le Courtois- Elect-

ART#ARTE #Galería#Gallery# Eric Le Courtois- Elect-

Story of a creation's life





from 1991 to 2014,  23 years and more than 1500 pieces of art between those 2 works



                           oeuvres_Eric_àSaumur (5).JPG          3.7.1_14_200x210cm (1).jpg







The human : when he was a child, Eric Le Courtois, born in Saumur, had already decided, against all, directing his life towards the artistic way, with all the risks that it could bring.

Until the age of 34 years, he shared his paintings between Saumur, France, his home town, the Provence Côte d’azur and Polynesie. He exhibited first in bars, restaurants of Anjou and the surrounding area until 1991 when he won the first prize Young Painting of his city, Saumur. From this moment, so many exhibitions in galleries, salons in Nantes, Saumur, Angers and others cities of the Val de Loire where each piece of artwork he created was a success. 


The ArtWork: 
working various techniques of paintings, first oil, pastels, charcoal, ink, watercolors on paper 
or cardboard.
oeuvres_Eric_àSaumur (5).JPG 





The human while all was success for him, in 1992, he realized that this way was not his way. He wanted to know the background, decided to change horizons and began a three-years journey, homeless, the street being his life, walking, alone, on the roads of France and Europe, Paris, Honfleur, Bordeaux, Lyon, etc. And he really knew the background.


The Artworkwith the elements he was able to travel with, paper and inks, his drawings were his only means of survival.









The human : having lived in the bottom, he decided to resurface and stay where he had « landed » in Haute Savoie. He settled int the town of Thonon les Bains, where, litle by litle, he made himself known and appreciated. He was so abstract himself, living and surviving in the abstract that it was a hard job. He exhibited in many sites and galleries of the dauphiné,Thonon, Evian,but also in Switzerland, in Genève, participating to numerous official acts ( see list of exhibitions).

 The artwork : his paintings evolved while he was domitated by Abstract until it was him who dominated the abstract, more often, an abstract with a touch of figurative, where thinking prevailed over spontaneity, where reason prevailed over the senses… Ink, watercolours, acrylics on paper and cardboard.



obras 96_97_RESMEDIA (26).jpg obras 98_99_RESMEDIA (34).jpg   obras 98_99_RESMEDIA (11).jpg                                                         




Meeting the woman of his life, travelling again between Thonon les Bains, Genève and Malaga in Spain where she was living.. Evolution of his works.



obras 2000_RESMEDIA (3).jpg

obras 2000_RESMEDIA (19).jpg




The human: Elect settled in Palma de Mallorca ( Balearic Islands) in his own studio. A new stability and the new bright colors of the island made him to become prolific . He exhibited in several galleries of the island.

The Artwork : Pointillism is present in almost all his works mainly on paper and canvas,he changed the ink by pen. A pointillism built in geometric lines, collages and harmonious polychromes. Mixed medias. Acrylic and watercolors.


 2001_papier. 54x71cm.petit théatre1.jpg    2001_papier. 64x83cm. voir et regarder.jpg   






The human :during a trip to the island neighbouring, Ibiza,he fell in love with it. Feeling it was on Ibiza where he should create, he moved to live there.beginning a long period of relative tranquility beneficial for soul and creation



The artwork : A radical change can be appreciated in the evolution of his artwork, the crystalline blue of the see and the fire red sunset impregnated all his works in a way all Elect. With collages, his paintings became sculptures.

In contrast to Yves Klein who created his serie of blues to go against an academy who refused to accept blue as clor worthy of interes, Eric Le Courtois was only looking for the depth of color and contrasts exposed to different existing lights, which became a constant in his blue monochromes on paper and canvas, deep blues bright that escape from the frame,synonymous of serenity, infinity and freedom


















The Artwork : when he achieved his conquest of the blue monochomes, began a long period of intense concentration. A proliferic serie of works trichrome in pure pointillism was born, on canvas or on handmade paper, made by himself with newspaper, a pointillism brought into his totally abstract way.He called it Transition.


              3.7.43_08_transit_60x80cm (4).jpg    3.7.45_08_transit_50x50cm.jpg    3.7.54_08_transit_50x50cm.jpg   


winter 2008/2009


 He settled in his new Studio/Gallery loft near SAN ANTONIO (Camí de Benimussa)


The ArtWork: celebrating this move, the work is tainted, during the time of a series, by an explosion of color fallen with a thought purpose on the handmade paper

The playful Transition 2 was born


2009_1.F.A.B.7.02_09_42cmx57cm.JPG      2009_1.F.A.B.7.14_09_42cmx57cm.JPG      2009_1.F.A.B.7.10_09_42cmx57cm.JPG





The human : still tormented by the past and the future of the Earth and Humanity, suffering premonitions that he didn’t know nor  didn’t want to interpret, he embarked on a major project that he last two years to complete.



The Artwork: it is still evolving until becoming become sculptural, minimalist. His work on the memory and the remains of ruins, a theme of destruction, reconstruction and historic accumulation but also visionary, is necessary in 3D:

This catatrophique vision is soothed and purified by the white he needs to illuminate the chaos. 2010-2013 is  defined by his monochromatic whites.








 However, in 2012,

During the time of a series, he left the monochrome and construction to return to drawings on paper, combined with mixed media and pointillism.


2012_1_7_B_11.12_EMPREINTE DE SON.jpg                           2012_1.7.6_12 (1).JPG


                                2012_1_7_4_12 .JPG  












He came back for his last " Remains of ruins" artworks, the strongest one, accunulation of wood and steel, a heavy and light minimalism



2013_3.7.C9_13 (175cmx 240 cm).jpg




  The artwork: Pointillism comes back strongly in Eric Le Courtois's art, a pointillisme that completly dissociates itself from its founder Seurat and the néoimpressionistes, but a pointillisme that he brings into his abstract, his minimalism, his vision of the end of an era, the end of a close, very black nothingness where his always necessary light is still shining, the white. A first very bright work followed by bichromes black & white.


2015_3&5_7.01.15_126cmX170cm_entier (4).JPG






  2014_130cmx202cm_madera (9).JPG



2015_3&5_7.07.2015_200cmx220cm (4).JPG

2016- 2018.

As the artist wanted to experiment new horizons, for some peacefully and authentic place, he moved all the workshop to a little village into the deep Spain called Castilla  y León.

There, the pointillism  still dominate the artworks, full of colors and emotions.


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